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borf + bama

July 22, 2008

a DC icon. 27th st. park

believe, under the key bridge.


untamed consumerism

July 17, 2008

L St. NW at 23rd. Anon.

book out: stencil graffiti capital

June 25, 2008

I spotted this book at the public library of all places – it’s enough inspirational material to make you daydream for hours. I disagree with it’s claim that Melbourne is the “heart” of stencil graffiti (can’t we share, y’all?) but it’s still a beautiful book.

the best things

May 9, 2008

So true. From Stencil Revolution.


May 5, 2008

Self portrait

Artomatic opens Friday. Find my work on floor #8.

free burma

January 15, 2008
Photo by Flickr users LoisinWonderland and Facade3, respectively. Mural near the Warehouse, 7th St NW.