NWNW protests


nwnw2_10-22-071.jpgProtestors took over Capitol Hill this morning, one of a number of actions in the last three days protesting the World Bank/IMF meetings here in DC, and in solidarity with No War, No Warming, an environmentalist peace action coalition. This morning’s protests, aside from disrupting Congress’s normal commute, were a fantatstic show of solidarity across issues and, as many have mentioned, an incredibly effective action in an era of passive protests.

Images from NWNW and Indymedia. Video of the Polar Bears here and here (and a Reuters write up here) as well as live blogging from the Democracy Cell Project, Common Dreams and DailyKos. Below are more traditional stories on the protest: looks like the action made it in to a bunch of mainstream pubs, including some frequently read by Hill staffers.

Police Arrest Protesters Blocking Traffic on Capitol Hill [Washington Post]
Demonstrators Arrested Outside Capitol [Reuters via New York Times]
Dozens of Capitol Hill protesters arrested [CNN]
Dozens arrested outside U.S. Capitol [USA Today]
Protests Roil Morning Traffic on Capitol Hill [Washington Post Express]
60 arrested near Capitol [The Hill]
59 World Bank Protestors Arrested at House Office Building [Congressional Quarterly]


3 Responses to “NWNW protests”

  1. Slugbug Says:

    Someone asked about bike mobs but I’ve only seen zombie mobs

    Good luck you guys!!

  2. Slugbug Says:

    We also just linked to your site.

  3. Slugbug Says:

    Here is an article about the Ontario Five (who had their ID and car confiscated)


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